Jay & Silent Bob - Mall Brawl Brand, Website and NES Packaging

Brand, Packaging & Website

Jay & Silent Bob – Mall Brawl

Project Details

There’s cool projects and then there’s REALLY cool projects and this was definitely the latter!

This wasn’t just an ordinary game branding, packaging and website project, it was for Jay and Silent Bob and it wasn’t just for any old platform, it was for the NES, the Nintendo Entertainment System! Oooooh yes! As a hardcore retro gamer this was the project of dreams! I was way too young to have been in the industry to work on a NES game back in the day, so this was unadulterated dream material!

I was very lucky too as the artwork for the game was just stunning, so creating the site and packaging was too much fun. Getting to work on the whole package really made a difference, it felt so good to be able to tie every element together perfectly. The brand, the website and the packaging, it all just clicked and ran so, so smoothly. I can’t wait for my copy when the production run is ready. HYPED!

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