Jay and Silent Bob Chronic Blunt Punch

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Jay and Silent Bob – Chronic Blunt Punch

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Getting to work on SUCH an exciting franchise was a dream come true! Lets be honest, we all know Jay and Silent Bob and when I got approached to handle the new site design for the upcoming new beatem-up, Chronic Blunt Punch, I screamed a loud YES PLEASE! It was also nice to dive into another beatem-up themed project, as after Wulverblade is now complete I was yearning to be involved in the genre again!

The game is out and out bonkers and the site design had to reflect this with a loud and colourful design. As with all sites though it couldn’t just be visual, it had to be very functional too as the goal of the site was to not only show off the game but also drive people to back its development.

Getting to work with such incredible artwork was an absolute pleasure and it all made for a great little project. Keep your eyes peeled for this one as its shaping up really well!


I throw my heart and soul into every project I do and I take great pride in everything I create. When working on promotional website design’s for games there are always many factors to bear in mind. A site can never rely on being pretty alone, it has to deliver on a myriad of levels and more often than not, sales is the driving force. Making sure that the process to buy or pre-order a game is is as simple as possible is vital. You want them to invest in the game as soon as they fall in love with it and that process has to be friction-less!

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