Monstrocity Rampage

UI Design for the Monster Masher!

Monstrocity Rampage

Project Details

Fully Illustrated and Alpha Dog Games had been chatting together about various projects over the years but our schedules had always managed to throw a spanner in the works, until now! The stars had aligned for this project and everything slotted into place. The game brought back lots of great memories of the Neo Geo classic ‘King of The Monsters’ which is an old favourite here at Fully Illustrated and often gets booted up on one of the arcade machines. With the excitement in check we set to work on creating a slick, fun and easy to use UI for Alpha Dogs latest and greatest. If you love monsters, love smashing up cities and fancy a new mobile game to carry around, check out Monstrocity! What a great project!


UI or user interface design as it’s properly known, has become incredibly important with the growth of interactive media. In one way or another people are interacting with devices in almost every part of their everyday lives and making that easier is always key. Games, apps, programs, website’s, they’re all of equal importance. For a UI solution to work its best it has to be underpinned with fully thought out UX design and only then can both work in harmony. I always aim to ensure that every UI design I create serves the user in the best possible way whilst at the same time looking great!

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