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10 Years Working in the Games Industry and Loving Every Day!

So who is Fully Illustrated? What’s the Story?

Fully Illustrated is actually just me, Michael Heald! I spent many years working within large agencies and then finally launched Fully Illustrated just over 10 years ago to pursue my dream of working exclusively within the games industry. 10 years later and I still love every day!

Small Budget, Big Budget, There’s Always A Solution!

I encourage everyone to get in touch no matter how large or small your project. I founded Fully Illustrated with a view of working heavily with Indie’s and I understand how limited budgets can be. From one off UI designs and websites to fully fledged game art packages that span months, I’m always interested!

Working Globally with the USA & Europe to the Far East

The world is a big place and even though the web has brought us all closer together, understanding different countries and different cultures is key to providing the right creative solution for each market. I’ve worked with most territories around the world, but the majority of my clients are based in the US, China and Europe.


Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

Awards, Press Coverage & Book Features.

While these sorts of thing are never something to focus on when working on a project, its always nice to receive a nod of approval from the world. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to earn quite a few awards and press features, but here’s a few snapshots from a small selection of them.

The Monster Games Collection

The Monster Games Collection

Working Within A Literal Gaming Museum.

Walking into the cosy Fully Illustrated studio is like walking into a slice of gaming history. Arcade machines, consoles, games and gaming merchandise are everywhere! There are literally hundreds possibly thousands of games here that provide a deep level of inspiration for every project. The collection also acts as a reference library too. Very handy indeed when you need to be thinking about a particular gaming mechanic, style or genre.!

Contact Fully Illustrated

No matter how large or small your project may be, please feel welcome to get in touch and we can discuss things further. From branding and illustration creation through to full websites and game UI projects, they’re all welcome! Let’s talk further.

Thanks for getting in touch!