Nobody Saves The World

Website Design

Project Details

I’d dreamt of working with Drinkbox Studios since I started out over 10 years ago, so when I got the chance to work on the NSW site, I couldn’t believe my luck!

I’m a huge fan of all the games they’ve made and Nobody Saves The World looks to be utterly breathtaking. When the team at Drinkbox gave me a look at the game I couldn’t wait to dive into the design.

The artwork is incredibly rich and I immediately wanted to engulf the site in feel of this world. A nice slice of parallax really brought the final design to life and makes this feel really characterful.

Shortly after this project was complete I was invited to design the Drinkbox Studios site which was a dream come true!

About the Game

Transform from a featureless nobody into a SLUG, a GHOST and a DRAGON in this new take on Action RPGs from the creators of Guacamelee! Discover 15+ distinct Forms, mix-and-match their abilities, clear evolving dungeons and… SAVE THE WORLD!?

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