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Confetti Special Effects is a think-tank for advanced real-time graphics research for the video game industry. Confetti have worked on some of the biggest titles out there like Call of Duty, the Mafia series and Tomb Raider. As they work on primarily special effects engines the the challenging task at hand was to create a logo that represented the essence of a particle system! Not an easy task! After quite a lot of groundwork playing around with shapes, objects and various visual effects, I finally landed on the idea of an ever cycling loop of colour. After a few iterations on this idea I soon struck gold! The guys loved the new brand and we were set and ready for the site!


When creating a logo and overarching brand identity it is key to create an entire package that encompasses every element that the end user will ever encounter. Its essential that a brand design goes beyond just a logo or icon and becomes almost an entity and ethos in its own right. The combined elements that make up the brand must communicate the core values of the company or product and become instantly recognisable as part of the brand as a whole.

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