Jungle Jumpers

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Jungle Jumpers

Project Details

This project was part of a 6 month contract where I acted as a concept artist for a number of different game’s that were being prototyped internally. I was required to create a range of characters, environments and UI designs that matched the games structure and storyline.

On this particular brief I was tasked with creating a huge collection of wonderful little animals to act as concepts for either a full 2D game or as the basis for a new 3D title. Making each animal was a joy to do as they needed to exude such strong playful personalities.


I take great pride in all my work, but when creating 2D characters and the worlds within which they live, I always find myself going that little bit further with each and every project. There is a certain magic in creating characters that you don’t get with anything else. I think it comes down to the connection you can make with the viewer as they smile, laugh and respond to what they see. A character is a powerful thing as it creates a true emotional response with someone and that’s a very special thing indeed!

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