The Long Dark

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The Long Dark

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The Long Dark needs little introduction as just about everyone has heard of it, and I’m pretty sure you could guess the basic premise of the brief, but in short, the new site had to plunge the viewer into dark and foreboding world of The Long Dark while at the same time deliver as much content as possible and to entice people to pre-order this amazing game.  As the game is somewhat stunning, I simply requested a collection of vast, expansive scenes that I could turn into a browser window filling experience. But rather than just have sections, I wanted to merge the scenes into each other, allowing the user to feel as though they were exploring the world as they explored the site. If you haven’t already, I suggest pre-ordering this lovely looking game, its shaping up something special!


When creating any game related website the goal is always to tie the website into the actual game as closely as possible. To extend the viewer and players experience beyond the game and into the web. Taking all the available concept art, in game art and bespoke promotional art, it is essential to create a world that feels like a literal extension of the game world. To plunge the user deep into the experience of the game from the moment the first page loads.

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