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I’ve had the honour of working with Elastic Games from when Last Year was first Kickstarted and its been a truly wonderful project to be part of. I’ve been helping out the team with just about every design based element of the project, including branding, site design, UI, booth designs and giveaways.

The first of these projects to be unveiled is the all new website! This was one of the last parts of the project and a blast to work on. The visuals in Last Year are truly stunning, so mixing that luxury with one of my favourite genres, horror, has made for a creative dream come true!

The site had to showcase all aspects of the game and introduce the visitors to the characters and features, so it was a great excuse to explore the artwork and use it to its best effect! You’ll also see some shots of the PAX booth from this year which was SO much fun to create! Seeing those characters towering over people was a sight to behold!

Stay tuned for more work from this project as its released!


I throw my heart and soul into every project I do and I take great pride in everything I create. When working on promotional website design’s for games there are always many factors to bare in mind. A website can never rely on being pretty alone, it has to deliver on a myriad of levels and more often than not, sales is the driving force. Making sure that the process to buy or pre-order a game is is as simple as possible is vital. You want them to invest in the game as soon as they fall in love with it and that process has to be friction-less!

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