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I’d had the pleasure of working with 2Dimensions on a number of other projects before, so when they invited me to create a collection of characters to help promote their new suite of animation tools, I was over the moon.

2Dimensions is part of the Open Design movement and these characters were going to form the main body of a page to promote all the great features. They had to be full of life and ready to represent the myriad of situations they wanted to cover.

Creating these little guys was a fun process and then even more so once we moved onto animating them. I was using Nima, their raster art animation tool and its such a joy to work with. I’ve actually created an entire game’s worth of animated characters with this now and cannot praise it highly enough. Its a remarkable piece of software.

The guys at 2Dimensions were really pleased with the end result and you can seem happily animating away on the page linked above. If you’re an animator I strongly suggest checking out what Nima and Flare have to offer!

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