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As you may already know, I like to get involved in lots of indie events, there’s something special about them and they’re too much fun to work on. I’ve had the honour of working with The Mix, Indiecade and Gamedev World in the past so I was chomping at the bit to part of the Guerrilla Collective as both a collaborator and sponsor.

Creating the brand for the event was a fantastic challenge. You hear the word Guerilla and immediately think of the animal, the challenge was to avoid the cliche and focus on the meaning behind the name. The event was born out of global lockdown so it had to promote the gathering of indies, unity, collaboration and a yearn to overcome barriers.  It also had to be bold, bright and memorable, so off to the drawing board I went. I first started with the iconic element of the brand, fusing the G and C into an Escher-esque cube shape, showing that anything is possible and then adorning it with a gaming icon, the d-pad. The rest of the brand came together really naturally.

With the brand complete and signed off by the many parties involved, it was onto the website. With the brand styling locked in the site design was a very natural progression.

Keep your eye on this event, its going to be huge!


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