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I’d had the pleasure of working with Ryan Clark, the founder of BYG a few years ago on the Claren Academy project, so I was overjoyed to hear from him again. This time the project was to re-brand Brace Yourself Games, create an entirely new website and theme all their social media channels. This was going to be an incredible project and I simply couldn’t wait to dive in.

After a few meetings we had everything in place and onto the brand we went. The vision was clear and the final concept came together very smoothly. With a characterful new brand in place we set to work on creating their new look for the website and social channels.

As BYG have such an incredibly diverse style with games like Crypt of the Necrodancer and Industries of Titan, it was crucial that the new site could accommodate this. So the new design had to be very flexible and be able to complement all manner of game styles whilst at the same time feel bold and strongly branded in itself. This was a fabulous design challenge that I thoroughly enjoyed.

What a superb project this was!

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