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After Temtem’s amazing success on Kickstarter I think everyone knew Crema’s name, so when they got in touch regarding their new studio website, I got rather excited! Crema have got a fantastic brand and such a distinct art style, so the prospect of creating their new site was incredible. This design had to be a little bit different to reflect their creative flare, so I wanted to inject colour, movement and life into the design wherever possible. It was crucial that video played a bit part of the design too, so ensuring that Temtem got space to show itself off was key.

The design came together very naturally, fusing their great art with a strong black, white an green palette. Making all the edges of the various website elements different gave each part of the design a unique look. We didn’t want to just use straight edges everywhere, this needed to have a handmade feel, something special and connected to them.

In the end all these elements worked out wonderfully and the finished site feels unique to Crema.

What a fantastic project!

Lastly, BIG congratulations to Crema on their incredible launch of Temtem!



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