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As a long time fan of Indie Box, I was more than keen to work with same team on their new venture Roba Roba!

The first task at hand was the branding. There was already a brand design in place but the client wasn’t 100% happy with what they had created and wanted to see if I could add a little something to the design. Many of the original elements stayed in place with a few core adjustments and a new mascot created to tie everything together. The mascot played on the two R’s of the name and turned them into a new character that could become the basis for all their future promotions.

The site had to echo the new brand design for a complete experience, so onto the design we moved.

Using the bold colours of the brand and large, rich images the design came together very naturally. The main directive was to drive home quality and show off the great merch items in a richer way than you usually see on regular merch sites.

If you’re an Indie looking for a great merch solution for your game or studio, check them out!

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