Receiver 2

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Receiver 2

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Wolfire for a while now on a mixture of upcoming game websites for them. I was asked if I’d be interested in handling the branding, UI and website design for Receiver 2 and I couldn’t say no! The game is so original and the ideas I had brewing for the direction of the brand and overall identity were bubbling over!

We started out with the brand, initially focusing on the gun aspect of the game, but then shifted focus to the cult element of the storyline instead. This plays a big part of the game and really helped to tie it all in. With the brand in place it was then on to the UI and website design. I wanted to inject a really distinct look into Receiver 2’s identity and began experimenting with the rich magenta tones you see along with analogue scanlines and distortion. This tied nicely into the games focus on collecting tapes. The whole direction came together really naturally and the project was a great success!

If you fancy something a bit different, give Receiver 2 a try, you’ll not be disappointed!

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