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The epic introduction sequence for Wulverblade took many people many months to craft. The story for Wulverblade originated in my mind over 10 years ago and over time went through many changes as I sketched ideas and formulated the final direction. Now I’m no story writer, I have no finesse, so I hired the incredible talents of Dan Whitehead to take my story and take it to the next level. Boy did he do that!

With the story set in stone we then hired the incredible vocal talents of the late and utterly wonderful Trevor Martin. That was no mean feat as it took many months to track him down. But I’m very honoured to have worked with such a great man who will forever be missed.

With a great story and voice in hand the story needed visualising but I was tied up making the game, so I hired the incredible Jon Sommariva who illustrated every sequence of the game. Then to tie it all together we got the stellar talents of the Verbal Vigilante on board to score it and bring it all together.

My role on this was direction and animation. I directed and animated every sequence in the game and it was joy to work such amazing people.

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