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Crush2D is a 2D physics engine created by Data Realms, a long standing client of Fully Illustrated. When Data Realms contacted me about the opportunity to design the logo and overall brand identity for Crush2D I jumped at the chance! Working with Data Realms has always been great fun and I knew that this, our 3rd project together, would be equally as much fun. The logo design had to show the basis of what the engine could do, to portray the idea of 2D physics. This initially sounded like quite a challenge but after only a few sketches the direction was clear! Data Realms were really pleased with the end design it appears that Crush2D is doing really well!


When creating a logo and overarching brand identity it is key to create an entire package that encompasses every element that the end user will ever encounter. Its essential that a brand design goes beyond just a logo or icon and becomes almost an entity and ethos in its own right. The combined elements that make up the brand must communicate the core values of the company or product and become instantly recognisable as part of the brand as a whole.

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