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Battle Strike Force

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When you get approached to create the branding and UI design for a game centred around, and also for a childhood hero, you have to pinch yourself. Being born in the 70’s meant that Sly Stallone was something of an icon to me and this game was going to be a lot of fun to work on.

We started out with the branding first and foremost with a direction inspired in part by the early days of GI Joe. This came together very smoothly and got the thumbs up very quickly. With the branding in place it was time to dive into the games UI design.

The game itself went through a few different creative directions early on and was constantly evolving throughout development. This meant that the UI also had to adapt during this time too which was both challenging but also great fun too. The final direction for the games core aesthetic turned out great and I was able to craft a UI style that locked in naturally with it. The project was quite large overall and involved a huge array of different screens, I was sad to see it end!

Fun project!

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