2D Viking

A lively viking warrior created for 2D Inc

Project Details

The team at 2D Inc got in touch to see if I’d be interested in creating and animating an new character in their new animation tool Nima. It sounded like fun so I was all ears!

I initially created a sketch of this cheeky little viking which the guys loved, so on I went to flesh him out. With the final illustration complete I was ready to start animating in Nima. Importing, rigging and animating was a complete dream come true. So intuitive! I was happily animating in no time. Within two days this chap was born. Nima has become my animation tool of choice, check it out, I urge you!


When creating and illustrating characters for both games and any other medium, I always have one goal in mind at all times, to make them alive as possible! Including true character and expression is the key to creating characters that people can connect with and remember.

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