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Farming Simulator 17

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I’ve been working with Giants Software for some time now so I was overjoyed when I was invited to tackle the UI for the new Farming Simulator 17! The brief was clear, they basically wanted to give the game a fresh UI overhaul from the last outing! I’d designed the previous version of the UI too so it was great to be able to go back and give it a fresh lick of paint! I’m happy to announce that I am now working on the UI for following instalment in the game too!


UI or user interface design as it’s properly known, has become incredibly important with the growth of interactive media. In one way or another people are interacting with devices in almost every part of their everyday lives and making that easier is always key. Games, apps, programs, website’s, they’re all of equal importance. For a UI solution to work its best it has to be underpinned with fully thought out UX design and only then can both work in harmony. I always aim to ensure that every UI design I create serves the user in the best possible way whilst at the same time looking great!

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