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Last Year

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When the website brief for the new horror slasher game Last Year came in I couldn’t believe my luck! I’m a massive horror fan and especially of 80’s horror! The game is set during this period and the game looks absolutely incredible! The website had to thrust the viewer into the horror landscape of the game and get the message across loud and clear. I’ve also been tasked with working on the UI for Last Year too which has been an on-going project which I utterly adore. The game is due to release either late 2017 or early 2018. I can say one thing, its an absolutely incredible title!


When creating any game related website the goal is always to tie the website into the actual game as closely as possible. To extend the viewer and players experience beyond the game and into the web. Taking all the available concept art, in game art and bespoke promotional art, it is essential to create a world that feels like a literal extension of the game world. To plunge the user deep into the experience of the game from the moment the first page loads.

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