Exploded View

Book Cover Design for Sam McPheeters Latest Novel

Project Details

As digital has taken over so much of what was once printed, its always a real treat to work on a print job! To feel the item in your hands and see it the real world is a pleasure almost unmatched by anything else. So when Talos Press got in touch to see if I’d be interested in illustrating the cover of Exploded View, I got extremely excited! The team at Talos had seen a selection of my sci-fi themed work elsewhere and thought I’d be the perfect match for the job, luckily, I totally agreed ha haa. With a sample of the book in hand I went away, read it through and then set to work on the cover design. It was such a joy to work on and this book now sits proudly in the Fully Illustrated library!


Whenever working on any printed item, especially a book cover you have change your mode of thinking almost entirely. Book covers have a different battle on their hands to digital items, they need to stand out in the real world and not just ‘pop’ on screen. So whenever creating a book cover I work tirelessly to ensure that the final design is one that will stand out on the shelf and make a mark all of its own.

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