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Rami Ismail

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As I’d had the pleasure of working with Rami in the past on the Game Dev World project, I was given the opportunity to work with Rami again, only this time on his personal brand design. Rami was stepping out into pastures new and wanted a brand to represent himself on social media, twitch and on his own site.

Rami wanted his brand to feel clean, modern and tied into his beliefs. It had to be personal, it had to represent him. This was such a great brief as I was determined to find something within the wonderful world of Islamic calligraphy that I could work with. Being a bit of a history geek too meant that I now had a new subject to research!

After much reading and searching I discovered the incredible subject of Square Kufic calligraphy. This was the solution! Kufic calligraphy is beautiful in so many ways and whilst its very traditional in its roots, its also very modern looking in its general presentation.

With this direction in hand I set to work and the final brand design came to life really smoothly. Rami was very pleased with the end outcome and you’ll see it wherever you see him online.


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