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I’ve had the honour of working with Torn Banner for many years and when I was offered the chance to design the brand for the long awaited Chivalry 2 I couldn’t believe my luck. I’d hoped that Chivalry would one day get a sequel and dreamt that’d I’d get chance to work on it when it happened. Now that time had come!

The brand had to be something very special, it had to feel like it was part of the Chivalry world, as if it had been hand crafted and forged out of real world materials. After initially creating a variety of silhouetted logo concepts we settled on the final structure. With that in place it was time to start crafting this finely detailed logo into what you see now. This took quite a lot of time to finalise to perfection but it was worth every second. I used a mixture of 3D, Keyshot and traditional painting to achieve the final look. I’m supremely proud of this brand design!

With the the Chivalry 2 brand complete and signed off, it was time to work on the all new website. I love creating websites for games and as Chivalry 2 is visually breathtaking, the artwork available to work with was incredible.

My first task was to create the promo art which you see at the top of the page. This piece is to be used in a variety of situations but for now its focus was the site. This had to set the scene and draw the user into the world of Chivalry. I used a collection of character and environment renders, composited them together with a variety of treatments and then added some subtle smoke and weather in After Effects to really set it off.

With the header in place I then moved onto the sections below. These had to convey what makes Chivalry 2 such an incredible game and show how stunning it is.

I’m proud to say that I’ve also been working on store art, promo art and much to my delight, the in game UI! You can rest assured that there will be MUCH more to see.

Thanks to the team at Torn Banner for an amazing experience!

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