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Panel From Hell Branding

BG3 – Panel From Hell

Project Details

As I massive fan of just about everything that Larian Studio’s have made, I was bowled over when they got in touch regarding the Panel From Hell Project.

They had a huge livestream event coming up and needed both the brand and the entire streaming package creating for the event. I was like a kid in a candy shop!

As the whole event was focused around the journey into hell that was being revealed, the ‘Panel From Hell’ branding had to reflect that entirely. Fire and brimstone was very much in order for this one!

I first set to work creating the brand and I wanted to ensure that both the fire and brimstone was present, so the ‘Panel From’ was forged in highly detailed stone and then ‘Hell’ was in sizzling fire, creating a hot glow that uplit the stone above. The logo took a fairly huge amount of time to paint but was worth every second, it was so much fun to create.

With the brand in place it was time for the streaming package. All the various screens that would appear during the event had to be designed, so using the INCREDIBLE game art and the Panel From Hell branding as a basis, everything else was built around that. Due to the time restraints Larian had to handle the motion effects for this project but we worked closely together to ensure it all worked perfectly. Smoke, embers and oodles of atmosphere really brought everything to life.

What a project!

P.S. Did you see the extended trailer? OH MY!

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