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As the site and brand is all about custom Lego figures the main task was to create a new identity and site that was full of life, bristling with character and was focused enough to drive as many sales as possible.

Creating a website for a custom Lego minifigure company was always going to be fun, that was obvious and the solution was clear in my mind from the outset. I wanted big images, crazy characters and FUN screaming out of every pixel. The look for the brand and website came together very naturally and the end result put a huge smile on the faces of the guys at Firestar. I can’t express how much fun this site and brand was to put together!


When creating a design for any new website its key to ensure that you have all the key deliverable’s in mind up front. Once you know exactly what a design needs to achieve you can then set about creating the perfect solution. Making something visually appealing is great, but knowing that it delivers its key objectives is what really matters. Great pride is taken in ensuring that every design delivers on its goals and looks great while doing so!

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