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Rami’s goal was to create a new and truly international games conference with no borders! Breaking the mould of traditional land based games conferences which can cost a fortune to attend, Rami wanted to create a new type of conference that was entirely hosted online, accessible to all and free for everyone! The project was nearing its final stages and was now in need of a full brand identity.

After a good discussion with Rami and listening to all the elements that had inspired the conference, I too was inspired and had ideas for the brand almost instantly. I soon set to work on the concepts with the plan of bringing a brand together that encapsulated all the great values of the project.

The final design came together very organically. The brand is comprised of a simplified planet where all the land masses have adjoined to form the shape of a classic game related symbol, the joypad. This was intended to symbolise everyone coming together in one place to express and experience the games industry. The styling of the brand reflects a bridge between pixels and polygons with clean simplified straight lines forming all the shapes.

This was a joy to create and I’m looking forward to working closely with the team as things progress. Please spread the word as this conference stands to be something special!

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