Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

Project Details

Its been 5 great years since Wulverblade first went into production and I’m overjoyed to announce that its coming FIRST to Nintendo Switch and OUT NOW!

Putting this trailer together to announce this occasion was quite a special experience as we were SO  close to release at the time. As always I pulled in the skills of the amazing Verbal Vigilante to score the sequence and bring it all to life.

We all really hope that you enjoy the trailer and hope it spikes your interest enough to try it out!


Working on any trailer is always a very important task. Its become the goto reference for all people across the world to get their first real flavour of a game before its release. Seeing a game in motion is a magical experience, hearing the music, the soundscape, the voices and seeing that tied into the action has to be something to remember. Every trailer I make has every last drop of heart and soul poured into it as I appreciate how vital it is the game its promoting.

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