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When I was invited to handle the branding for IKON I got rather excited as the brief sounded fantastic. Just the basis of IKON is pure fun, its a gaming challenge platform, something that’s never been done before! It allows players to compete in online challenges and share their highlights with the world. In turn it allows streamers to truly engage with their audience through their channels via challenges and competitions. Its a crazy fun idea that needed a brand to match. The best part of it was that the brand needed an illustrated mascot too!

I love branding projects anyway, but when they include a character they become even more fun to work on.

We had a couple of meetings to refine the core idea and then moved onto design. The brand came together very smoothly and that in turn informed the design of IKE himself. IKE the King! As you dig into IKON you’ll soon come to understand what IKE represents, he’s deeply tied into the core concept of IKON and has a lot of heart.

If you fancy a challenge, give IKON  a look!



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