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Working with Klei Entertainment has always been an absolute honour. I had the luck of working with Klei from the very early days of their inception and collaborated with them on a vast number of projects.

I helped Klei out on both Shank and the sequel Shank 2 with a mixture of UI and promotional website design work. To be able to create elements to work alongside such incredible artwork (the artwork of Jeff Agala) was always a HUGE inspiration to me as I’d been a fan of Jeff’s work right the way back to Atomic Betty.

Creating the UI for Shank was a big experiment in rough and gritty textures. Due to Shank’s setting the UI needed to be rough, tatty and dirty to match the world that Shank was battling in. We soon settled on the right direction and things moved along very smoothly from there.

Its fantastic to see how large Klei have grown over the years and I feel honoured to have been even a small part of that.

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