Wulverblade Japanese Release!

Hey Everyone,

Ok, so last week saw a rather exciting event! The release of Wulverblade in Japan!

This would be quite an important moment for any developer but for me it was extra special. As anyone that know’s me know’s, I’ve got a gargantuan retro games collection and I grew up in the 90’s when importing games was a truly magical activity. Back then games and systems released in Japan way before they did over here, so it was a race to get the latest software and hardware from your beloved importer before anyone else. This often mean’t selling a limb to afford it, but it was worth it! The buzz was immense.

My dream as a boy was to make my own game and to one day release it in Japan! Well, that day has finally come thanks to the wonderful team at Kakehashi Games! We partnered with Kakehashi as they are rather well established in bringing western games to the Japanese market. Wulverblade has a whopping 36,000 words due to the story and unlock content, but that didn’t phase them one bit. It was a stellar effort by Kakehashi and we’re so glad to have done this with them.

I worked closely with Kakehashi to create the Japanese logo variant as I wanted it to cater to this market in the best way possible. Below were my 3 core concepts for the logo:

Look at those lovely Japanese characters :)

And we settled on C using my own hand painted symbols! Seeing my logo in Japanese was quite a magic moment, I have to be honest.

The final logo can now be seen on all Japanese versions of the game and I also made a special little image, well, just for the hell of it:


God I love my logo in Japanese :)

Thanks again to everyone at Kakehashi Games, you rock!


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