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Bringing an old 2D character concept to life

Hey everyone,

I was digging through some old files when I came across an old character concept that had been left behind somewhere along the line. I kinda liked the little dude so thought it’d be nice to take a character sketch from about 8 years and give him a fresh makeover for 2018.  Here’s the little guy in question…

The original sketch from many years ago with a side by side comparison too.

And you can see the steps in my character creation process below in this short video. Its nothing flashy but gives you an idea of the stages I go through when creating a character.

And the finished article.

Its been a while since I did a personal project, in fact the last thing I did was Wulverblade which was a MONSTER personal project that spanned 5 years ha haa. After a years break without any personal projects, or time for them, this was going to be the perfect little stop gap.

It felt so good to take this old character sketch and breathe some new life into him. I’ve changed a lot as an illustrator since creating this little guy originally so this was a really fun experience. I need to get back to creating characters purely for fun. Lets make this the first of many!

More to come soon!



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