The Atomspheric Worlds of Vladimir Manyukhin

Hey Everyone!

I’m getting back into my groove with updating the site and from now on I’m going to keep posting up any sort of creative work that catches my eye. I draw inspiration from a huge variety of places that affects all my work in a mixture of ways. Illustration is easily one of my biggest inspirations so expect to see more shown here.

Today I wanted to focus on the incredible work of Vladimir Manyukhin. His work oozes atmosphere and I just love the European feel to his work. I think you can tell where an artist is from, from their style, especially with matte painters. The light, tones and texture all feel really gritty and that is often something you see with work from this part of the world.

I’m not sure why I’m always drawn to dark and foreboding artwork but there is a real magic in seeing the orange glow of a warm room from within a cold and dark outer setting. Kinda like that feeling you get when you’ve been out on a cold winters walk and the glow of a warm local pub draws you in for some nice hot lunch!


I know the last piece doesn't fit with the others but I just loved that mech!

You can see all of Vladimir’s work over on his Artstation page here:

See you all soon!


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