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Shadowhand is a unique RPG card game that is being published by one of my longest standing customers Positech Games. When Cliffski got in touch regarding this project and showed me how it was shaping up I was really excited to start on both the brand and website. They already had a pretty clear idea of what they wanted for the brand so that came together really quickly and with that in place we moved onto the site. With such an array of wonderful artwork my imagination was set alight. I soon started to craft all those elements together in what you see here and everyone involved was really happy with the end result! Shadowhand is coming to Steam, GoG and Humble Store for PC and Mac.


When creating any game related website the goal is always to tie the website into the actual game as closely as possible. To extend the viewer and players experience beyond the game and into the web. Taking all the available concept art, in game art and bespoke promotional art, it is essential to create a world that feels like a literal extension of the game world. To plunge the user deep into the experience of the game from the moment the first page loads.

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